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Name: Griffin "Griff" Addison
Age: 14
Bio: Griff is a very blunt person who
doesn't do well when he's stressed or
surprised. Even though he comes off as
a mean person, he is really kind and
cares a lot about his loved ones.

Name: Rui Doomfield
Age: 14
Bio: Rui is the newest resident of
Mapleville. She's an absent minded girl
with a bright and happy personality. She
has a strong attraction towards Griff.

Name: Nina "Nin" Franz
Age: 15
Bio: Nin is one of Griff's best friends.
She has a cool and nonchalant personality
and tends to be very blunt about everything.
(Even more blunt than Griff) She loves
chewing bubble gum.

Name: Ethan Duard
Age: 15
Bio: Ethan is another one of Griff's best
friends. He's a happy person, but an idiot
most of the time. He loves the ladies and quirky
pick-up lines. His main goal is to get a
girlfriend, but he has no luck so far.

Name: "Griff" the Kitty
Age: --
Bio: A small gray cat Rui found by the river.
She named the cat "Griff" because according to Rui,
the cat reminds her of Griff.


Name: Freya Addison
Age: 21
Bio: Griff's older sister and care taker.
She's smart and outgoing, but fails at doing
any sort of work that doesn't involve science
or medicine. She's the town's doctor and a
scientist as well

Mrs. Sophia Soleil
Age: 28
Bio: Griff's teacher. She's a very happy
and bubbly person who loves her job.

Nicolette, Jayden, and [TBA]
Age: 14, 14, [TBA]
Bio: Some of Griff's classmates.